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Dr med. Aysen Aksungur & Colleagues


We don't like to keep you waiting!

To avoid unnecessary waiting times, it is necessary to make an appointment (except in a medical emergency).

When making an appointment, please provide the reason for your visit so that we can reserve the right amount of time for you.

Practice opening
January 2017

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Dr med. Aysen Aksungur & Colleagues 
Private practice for
paediatric and adolescent medicine

Paediatric cardiology
Natural therapy
Paediatric gastroenterology
Asthma training
Nutritional medicine
Natural therapy

Metropol Medical Center II
Virnsberger Str. 79
90431 Nürnberg

Tel. 0911/80 10 630
Fax 0911/80 10 63 11


Click here for the paediatric and adolescent medical centre in Fürth

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